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The Christmas Cat

To fully understand this story you have to keep in mind a few things; First, we had recently lost both of our beloved cats to cancer a few months before, they were brother and sister from the same litter, and were 19 years old and a huge part of our family, and we didn’t have [...]

The Rainmaker

By late June of ‘78 I had been back from L.A and living in Detroit for a few years and even had spent a few month of ‘77 in Malibu CA. But I was restless and had outgrown Detroit and had made up my mind to live in California for good. It meant saying [...]

Heeere’s Johnnie!

Two weeks after I turned 20 years old, I set off for the first time to California. The driven-in theaters I had called home were closing for the winter for the first time ever. Earlier that year I had just bought a new 1974 Dodge Challenger from the dealership next to the West Side Drive [...]

Pick Pocket

I moved to San Francisco from Detroit in July of 1978, and within a year I had convinced six of my friends from Detroit to move to San Francisco.  We all lived in the same apartment complex at one point, and I lived in a converted storeroom that they had made into a studio apartment. [...]

The Bet

By 1976 I was back in Detroit having left for L.A. in 1974 and had given up on doing magic, but made a good living doing odd jobs. I rented a house in Warren Michigan, it was just natural because until that point, my van had been the official hang out spot to meet and [...]

The Incident on Winsom Street.

It was a sultry summer day in 1976, the gang as always, were sitting in the back of my Black Betty, a 1975 black Dodge cargo van with chrome wheels and custom exhaust pipes on the sides. Inside, Black Betty was stripped and other than the two captain’s chairs, the van was a big metal [...]