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SZELES will be publishing excepts from his upcoming book, which is a compilation of essays on his life and experiences, entitled “Stories For Lambykins”. The essays are a commentary on his past and present day life. The blogs are usually updated monthly, so be sure to sign up to receive notices of future stories. We dislike spam as much as you do, so rest assured, we promise your email will never be used, or sold as spam.

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The Christmas Cat

To fully understand this story you have to keep in mind a few things; First, we had recently lost both of our beloved cats to cancer a few months before, they were brother and sister [...]

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Heeere’s Johnnie!

Two weeks after I turned 20 years old, I set off for the first time to California. The driven-in theaters I had called home were closing for the winter for the first time ever. Earlier [...]

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Pick Pocket

I moved to San Francisco from Detroit in July of 1978, and within a year I had convinced six of my friends from Detroit to move to San Francisco.  We all lived in the same [...]

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The Bet

By 1976 I was back in Detroit having left for L.A. in 1974 and had given up on doing magic, but made a good living doing odd jobs. I rented a house in Warren Michigan, [...]

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The Incident on Winsom Street.

It was a sultry summer day in 1976, the gang as always, were sitting in the back of my Black Betty, a 1975 black Dodge cargo van with chrome wheels and custom exhaust pipes on [...]

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The Rainmaker

By late June of ‘78 I had been back from L.A and living in Detroit for a few years and even had spent a few month of ‘77 in Malibu CA. But I was restless [...]

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