SZELES has a show to fit almost any budget and venue.  Give us a call to find out more about how we can bring fun, laughter and unforgettable memories to YOUR event!  We also perform fundraising shows and have a complete digital press kit available to help promote your event. Whenever possible, we like to personalize the performance for you by working in some custom routines to help tie in with your business, charity or theme!  We always review before hand any skits with the client to make sure that everyone involved is comfortable and happy with the show content.  SZELES’ only goal is to provide you with a stellar performance, unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Here are some interesting and fun Hypnosis Facts!

Did you know that Kevin Costner (famous Hollywood movie star/director) summoned his hypnotist to Hawaii during the filming of Waterworld to help him get over his sea sickness?

Dentists in the know, now regularly use hypnosis as a safe alternative to anesthesia

Victims of ‘Trading Disorder” on New York’s Wall Street are regularly treated for this ailment through hypnosis

Svengali, the evil character in George DuMaurier’s novel “Trilby” is the prototype for the manipulative and sinister hypnotist

Hypnosis, together with your will to quit, can safely, and painlessly help you to quit smoking, lose weight, or eliminate any bad habits you wish to shed

Subjects can be hypnotized so that they will feel no pain whatsoever for child birthing (really true ‘natural childbirth’)

Hypnosis was used long ago, before the invention of ether or chloroform in the prevention of pain during surgery

Many police departments throughout the world use hypnosis to help them solve crimes, particularly stressful crimes such as rape or hit and run when the victim or witness is too upset or shocked to remember the actual crime details

Under hypnosis, a subject can be given a post-hypnotic suggestion to take effect, let’s say, 1200 minutes from now, and they will perform the suggestion without realizing it. What has happened is the sophisticated biological clock within the subconscious mind is always alert, while the conscious mind may not be.






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