Hysterically funny, squeaky clean interactive family fun—perfect for a day at the Fair!

Who doesn’t love the Fair!  The food at the fair is unlike food from anywhere else. As soon as you enter through the gates, your mouth starts watering from the delicious smells: french fries, corn dogs, funnel cakes, cotton candy, caramel apples, and the anticipation of a fabulous time for all.  Winning cupie dolls, watching monster truck pulls, live stock on parade and let’s not forget the entertaining acts and fireworks! Yes, everyone enjoys a day at the fair!

There are many tasks, and certainly lots of hats, that you must wear when undertaking the planning of your Fair or Festival. The entertainment should not be another worry. You should be able to book the act and then forget about it, knowing that you have just crossed one more task and headache off  your list – especially if you’ve booked SZELES.

SZELES has had many years of experience in the fair market, working large and small fairs alike. In fact, he was the most requested act at the 2000 West Virginia State Fair, they brought him back the next year and put him in the main tent, where it was standing room only to overflowing for every one of his 3 shows per day for the entire 9 day run of the fair!  Many people enjoyed his hypnosis show so much that they came every day to every one of his performances!

His act is family friendly, politically correct – and lets not forget – it’s too darn hilarious for words! This show will be the hit of your fair; your guests will most certainly enjoy it and you will have fewer headaches for the run of the fair! Today, the market is flooded with hypnotists who sell their shows to the fair market. Some are excellent and clearly gifted in their talents and draw repeat crowds for each and every show, others are “passable’ at best and do a mediocre show, while there are some out there who give hypnosis a bad name because they are just outright awful!  As with their experience and skill level being different, so are their pricing fees. Some hypnotists are expensive, some are priced fairly and some undercut the more experienced hypnotists pricing. You should be wary of the latter. If you believe in buying on price alone, then SZELES’ act is not for you. He isn’t the most expensive act in the marketplace, in fact he’s competitively priced given his training and over 38 years experience. Buyers beware, ‘cheap’ fees do not necessarily guarantee you an unforgettable show.

SZELES’ show consistently draws big crowds for each and every show for the run of the fair. In fact, he was the most requested act at the West Virginia State Fair and the second year they had him back, they had to move him to the main tent, which was still overflowing with spectators!  Are there fairs and festivals in your surrounding counties who have their events right before or right after yours? Why not get together with them and bring SZELES to all of your area events!   Two or more runs, within a day or two of each other, will result in reduced booking fees; after all, he’s already flown into your area to do your event, why not spread the fun and save some money – and guarantee success for all of the fairs! Give us a call today and see for yourself just how affordable this hilarious hypnosis show is!

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