Technical and Other Considerations For A Successful Performance

Comedy hypnosis is both a visual and an interactive show.  Your audience needs to be able to both hear and see the show clearly to fully enjoy it.  Here are some simple suggestions to help you get the most out of your investment. Audience members will be sitting in chairs with rows of chairs and people in front of each other. In order to have all audience members be able to see the shenanigans on stage, the stage should be raised high enough for all to see clearly.  We recommend that the stage be raised up from the ground by at least 5 feet – this will give all audience members the opportunity to see, hear and enjoy the show. (see suggested page plot graphic to the right)  Chairs for the volunteers should be armless, and placed next to each other without any spacing in between.  The chairs should be at least 3 feet away from the back wall (if applicable) for safety reasons, so that the volunteers do not hit their heads on the back wall while under.  A small prop table should be placed on one side of the stage, 2 bottles of cold, filtered water should also be provided. There has to be an electrical outlet on the stage, or at least within 5 feet of it.  The stage should be will lighted and there should not be any blinking, flashing or spotlights on the stage.

PLEASE NOTE: Speakers built into the ceiling of convention centers and meeting rooms are NOT acceptable.  Microphones attached to podiums are not acceptable.  Please provide a wireless, hand-held microphone if requested; corded mic’s are not advisable due to safety issues on stage.  For local shows, SZELES brings his own PA system and wireless microphone.

If there will be a DJ in attendance for the entire event, give SZELES your DJ’s contact info so that he can contact the DJ prior to the event, to ensure that there will not be any sound conflicts with his system and ours.

Small Stages:

– Visibility will be a problem if the stage is not raised high enough off the ground, or large enough for everyone to see clearly.

– Small Stages do not need stairs if they are 18 inches or less off the ground. People can safely get onto and off the platform if the stage is less than 18″ high.

– If the platform is less than 10 feet deep and 16 feet wide, the stage must not be higher than 18 inches off the ground for safety and because the area around the stage will also be part of the space used to do the show.

Larger Stages:

– Stairs are mandatory for volunteers to ascend and descend safely. Center-front is optimum position.

– A stage should also be 4 – 5 feet off the ground, or the audience will not be able to see clearly.

– The stage must be a minimum of 10 feet deep and 16 feet wide if raised over two feet off the ground.

szeles technical stage set up

Can We Record The Show?

I am sure that we'll want to watch it again and again!

You Don't Have To!

We tape all of the shows using a professional HD camera & will provide you with two
free copies of the full show!

What's The Minimum Age To Volunteer?

We Have A Diverse Age Group At Our Event

Our Age Minimum For Volunteers Is 15 years Old

While children younger can be hypnotized, we prefer that our volunteers be at least
15 years of age

Can We Take Photographs During The Show?

We have a photographer at our event

Absolutely You Can!

Please refrain from taking any pictures, especially with flash, during the induction

Are You Insured?

Our Venue Requires A Proof Of Insurance Certificate

Yes, we are insured

We are fully insured & are proud to say that in over 38 years of performing, we have a FLAWLESS safety record! Safety is our main concern!

Stage Safety

We want your experience with SZELES to be a fun one! If you have any questions about the stage set up or safety requirements, please reach out to us. Our goal is to provide you with an unparalleled comedy experience, and we are happy to do anything that we can to help you reach this goal.