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CA Wildfire Fundraiser

I'm sure everyone by now has heard of the widespread devastation to Northern California by the various wildfires this summer.  Thousands of people have been displaced, lost their homes and everything they have worked hard for all of their lives - some even lost their lives.  It is heartbreaking to hear some of their [...]

CA Wildfire Fundraiser 2018-08-29T12:14:34-08:00

Local Comedy Club Gigs

Forty years and still going strong.                                      This month, July, starts my 40th year of performing comedy hypnosis, and one of the questions I am frequently asked is: What is your favorite venue to perform? For me [...]

Local Comedy Club Gigs 2018-07-10T14:05:40-08:00

The Rainmaker

By late June of ‘78 I had been back from L.A and living in Detroit for a few years and even had spent a few month of ‘77 in Malibu CA. But I was restless and had outgrown Detroit and had made up my mind to live in California for good. It meant saying my [...]

The Rainmaker 2018-01-11T12:05:02-08:00

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year  to one and all!   I hope 2018 is getting off to a wonderful start for you all.  2017 was a year of change and challenge for me. Early in 2017, I moved from San Francisco to Sacramento, and am enjoying the slower pace of life here, although the hot summer was [...]

Happy New Year 2018 2018-08-29T11:33:26-08:00

The Christmas Cat

To fully understand this story you have to keep in mind a few things; First, we had recently lost both of our beloved cats to cancer a few months before, they were brother and sister from the same litter, and were 19 years old and a huge part of our family, and we didn’t have [...]

The Christmas Cat 2018-01-11T12:09:54-08:00

Heeere’s Johnnie!

Two weeks after I turned 20 years old, I set off for the first time to California. The driven-in theaters I had called home were closing for the winter for the first time ever. Earlier that year I had just bought a new 1974 Dodge Challenger from the dealership next to the West Side Drive [...]

Heeere’s Johnnie! 2018-01-11T12:10:07-08:00

Pick Pocket

I moved to San Francisco from Detroit in July of 1978, and within a year I had convinced six of my friends from Detroit to move to San Francisco.  We all lived in the same apartment complex at one point, and I lived in a converted storeroom that they had made into a studio apartment. [...]

Pick Pocket 2018-01-11T12:10:18-08:00

The Bet

By 1976 I was back in Detroit having left for L.A. in 1974 and had given up on doing magic, but made a good living doing odd jobs. I rented a house in Warren Michigan, it was just natural because until that point, my van had been the official hang out spot to meet and [...]

The Bet 2018-01-11T12:10:32-08:00

The Incident on Winsom Street.

It was a sultry summer day in 1976, the gang as always, were sitting in the back of my Black Betty, a 1975 black Dodge cargo van with chrome wheels and custom exhaust pipes on the sides. Inside, Black Betty was stripped and other than the two captain’s chairs, the van was a big metal [...]

The Incident on Winsom Street. 2018-01-11T12:10:50-08:00