Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year  to one and all!   I hope 2018 is getting off to a wonderful start for you all.  2017 was a year of change and challenge for me. Early in 2017, I moved from San Francisco to Sacramento, and am enjoying the slower pace of life here, although the hot summer was bit of a challenge, not being used to any temperature much above 70 for the last 40 years, the 90+ temps took a little getting used to.

As I start my 39th year as a comedy hypnotist I wanted to do a few new things this year. Throughout my career I have always sold copies of my performances, first on VHS tape then on DVD’s.  As technology changes, so has my website and my mindset, and this year I’ve added Video on Demand to make it easier for people all around the world to watch my shows. With the VOD option you can download or rent many of the best shows I have to offer. This new service will be updated frequently to give people at the event a chance to share the show with family and friends, and will enable viewers who couldn’t attend my show to see the fun, and you will find them here:

I have a few of my famous Hypnosis Posters left, and I’ve decided to sell some of them, I have less than 200 left and they can’t be reprinted, so once they are gone, they will become collector’s items. You can buy them through my online store and I’ll sign them for you at no additional cost if you let me know what you want on them.  They are beautifully printed on premium poster stock and at 16” x 20” they are the perfect size for framing and giving as a gift to the hypnosis lover in your life.  You can view and buy one (or 2!) here:

During the course of my career, I’ve been lucky enough to meet and get to know some of the brightest and best people in the field of hypnosis from all over the world. This year I will be hosting several different training classes with these amazing teachers.  The first teacher is from Melbourne, Australia, Rick Collingwood a world renowned clinical hypnotherapist and hypnosis trainer. I have known Rick for a very long time, and was fortunate to meet him in person when I was invited to teach two stage hypnosis classes at his Australia Academy of Hypnotherapy in Melbourne several years back. We spent about a week or so together and Rick introduced me to Mesmerism, but I didn’t have the time to take his class. I was so intrigued by Mesmerism and wanted to learn more from Rick and I wanted to bring him to San Francisco in 2016 so he could teach, but we were unable to work out the dates. I am happy to say that we have worked out a schedule for his Los Angeles training this year. This class will be Rick’s last United States training date as he will be retiring at the end of this year. The five day training will cover Mesmerism and Instant Inductions for hypnotherapy, and Rick is one of the best teachers in the field of Mesmerism and Hypnosis. The cost is only $1600.00 for the full five day training and its to be held at the Los Angles Airport Marriott. I’ll be taking the course and hope to see you there. You can find out more information about this amazing class here:

Stay tuned for news of the next up-coming training class topic and teacher, to be schedule for a little later on in 2018.


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